Land Banking

Land Banking is the practice of aggregating land parcels at strategic locations for future sale or development and there by realizing high appreciation of investment.

 Land Banking is a lucrative alternate to other formal real estate investment methods and has higher potential in terms of returns on investment when compared to other real estate investment methods.

Landomus provides an opportunity for individuals and institutions to be a part of Land Banking through a private limited company structure which is transparent, hassle free and tax efficient which, otherwise, was limited to institutions and investor groups.

Landomus plans to acquire land parcels in India with the intention of creating land banks. These land banks will be made development-ready with necessary zoning and requisite permissions from related authorities. Thereafter, the land parcel shall be allowed to appreciate until it realizes it’s full worth, before being developed in association with reputed developers and builders. This would provide participating investors with an investment opportunity focused in real estate that combines principal investment growth and elements of capital preservation.